Being Fully Present at Wedding Ceremonies on Cape Cod

Being Present during Cape Cod Wedding CeremoniesMore and more entertainers, performers of all kinds, and singers, such as Adele are adamant about having audiences watch their performances and not engage their digital devices and begin recording.

With the advent of so many having phones with cameras, this trend is becoming the norm here on the Cape, and especially at weddings, where officiants are now quick to mention at the outset
of a ceremony to please, “turn off your phones, cameras, and digital devices.”¬† YES… cameras too!

Most wedding couples are leaning toward having their professional photographer and videographer being the only ones capturing their special moments, with their family and friends just chillin’, and simply witnessing their vows; not being focused on their devices. – TT

The Cape Club in Falmouth Puts Finishing Touches on Major Wedding-Friendly Upgrade

Had the wonderful pleasure of working with Ami Milano and Judy Fligg at The Cape Club Saturday.

Ami has to be one of the best wedding coordinators I’ve worked with in 35 years in the business.

Ami is/was incredibly graceful and calming toward the wedding couple and their guests during all of the typical pressured moments. She knows how to keep things on time, and worked hard to make this wedding fun and Stress-Free.

Judy recently joined the The Cape Club team and uses her experience and skills (as a florist assisting with weddings. Judy is amazingly detail-oriented and does not miss anything.

Couples who choose this wedding venue will be extremely happy to work with either of them.

The Cape Club is putting the finishing touches on a wedding-friendly major upgrade. -TT

How Many Songs Should We Pick for our DJ to play at our Cape Cod Wedding?

  • Have fun planning your reception music. It can be one of your most enjoyable wedding “tasks.”
  • Don’t worry, you DO NOT have choose every song yourself, we can help you by reading your crowd and choosing songs.
  • As a general guide (only a guide), should you desire to choose your own songs, you are wise to start with about 15 to 25 fast dance songs and 5 to 8 slow tunes. Some couples don’t want many or any slows, which we understand; we like to keep your day upbeat too. However, having said this, there will be those at your wedding that will only dance to slow songs, so you should have a few for them, even if it’s only 1 or 2.
  • NOTE: If your playlist contains too many songs, we will not enough have time to fit them all in. Simple concept, but not often understood by those who just love choosing songs. The skill is knowing which songs to leave out, and focus on your real favorites.
  • If you have unique music, not available on iTunes, (someone made a recording) we need to have it in our possession at least 10 days BEFORE your wedding to ensure that we can play it. Please let us know ASAP if you are requesting any unique artists or songs. If your song has been digitized, you can attach it to an email and send it as an MP3 file.
  • Some couples provide us with an A list of “must play” songs (20 or so songs to start with), and a B list of, “If you have time could you play these.”
  • We have most every song you want, if not we’re willing to purchase it. If you have a specific song on iTunes that you like, be sure we know the specific version you want and we’ll get it. Some artists have several versions of the same song, i.e. studio, acoustic, remix etc. We want to make you happy by picking the right version.
  • You might consider leaving a little breathing room (by not choosing every song yourself) for your guests to fit in a few requests of their own. They are sure to appreciate your kindness.
  • On the music list you receive from us, or the one you printed out, please cross off any songs you don’t want to hear. If we don’t see the song crossed off, we’ll assume you’re okay with it being played. You may also add songs you do not see on our list as we are likely to have them in our collection.
  • If you have good computer skills you can cut and paste our music list into a word document, delete the songs you do not want, leave the ones you like and email it to us as an attachment (Microsoft Word or Excel work great).
  • Or if you are not a computer person, just print out this¬† (Top Party & Wedding Songs) list, check off your favorites, and mail, or bring your hard copies with you for our meeting.